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January 16, 2019, Ethiopian Radiation Protection Authority and the new emerging Salale University have signed MOU to enhance cooperation in different research programs and activities that are parallel with the major existence of the institutions.

Director General of ERPA Ato Solomon Getachew, President of Salae University Dr. Genanew Goffe, and other responsible bodies from both parties have discussed on the applicability of the MOU to achieve its objectives that are focused on the creation of awareness, practical training, regular communication and information exchange on the condition of radiation source, measurement taking, conducting cooperative research on radiation area and sharing data or measuring equipment for research purpose.

Dr, Genanew Goffe, president of the university said, as the university is new, it needs the cooperation of ERPA on laboratory instruments to give practical training for the students and researchers on the area f radiation.

ERPA is also interested to give practical training and laboratory assistance for researchers and students of the university who are in need to conduct a research on radiation source. And also the authority wants to conduct cooperative research and develop it with different symposium which can be organized by the university, said Ato Solomon, Director General at ERPA.

Finally both parties have discussed to actively benefit from the conducive environment of the university as it is surrounded by different industries which use radioactive materials for their production. Such environment will help researchers to get data for their research findings.


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