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Ethiopian Radiation Protection Authority and   Sudanese Nuclear and Radiological Regulatory  Authority has signed MOU to explore collaboration in a wide range of programs, projects and activities that are determined to be feasible and consistent with the guiding principles and organizational needs of the Parties.  In particular, the Parties mutually intend to cooperate in regulatory activities pertaining to the following areas: 
(i) Nuclear and radiological safety ; 
(ii) Transport safety
(iii) Radiation protection
(iv) Environmental impact of nuclear & radiological facilities and activities
(v Radioactive waste management and spent fuel management; 
(vi) Nuclear security
(vii) Emergency preparedness and response; 
(viii) Mining activities of radioactive materials 
(ix) Safeguards

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Workshop on Radiation Safety and Security conducted Workshop on Radiation Safety and Security conducted

A workshop organized by the National Nuclear Security Administration of U.S in cooperation with the Ethiopian Radiation Protection Authority was conducted at Hilton Hotel, Addis Ababa, from August 3 to 4, 2015. The workshop focused on the development of regulations that is a vital tool for the security of radioactive sources and nuclear facilities. Specific topics such as IAEA Code of conduct which basically provides guidance for developing policies laws and regulations to uphold the safety and security of radioactive sources, categorization of radioactive sources that helps maintain a high level of safety and security, IAEA Nuclear Security Series that serves as a guidance for establishing regulating requirements, regulatory development process that introduces a systematic process which helps make development of new security regulations more effective and efficient and principles that highlight effective regulation drafting were critically addressed in the workshop.

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