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A workshop organized by the National

Nuclear Security Administration of U.S in cooperation with the Ethiopian Radiation Protection Authority was conducted at Hilton

 Hotel, Addis Ababa, from August 3 to 4, 2015. The workshop focused on the development of regulations that is a vital tool for the security of radioactive sources and nuclear facilities.

Specific topics such as IAEA Code of conduct which basically provides guidance for developing policies laws and regulations to uphold the safety and security of radioactive sources, categorization of radioactive sources that helps maintain a high level of safety and security, IAEA Nuclear Security Series that serves as a guidance for establishing regulating requirements, regulatory development process that introduces a systematic process which helps make development of new security regulations more effective and efficient and principles that highlight effective regulation drafting were critically addressed in the workshop.

In the course of the workshop, it was stressed that the development of security laws and safety requirements would enable countries to properly regulate the use, storage and transport mechanisms of radioactive sources.

It was also noted that in countries where safety culture is not well developed and security regulations are non-existent physical protection of nuclear facilities, radioactive sources and materials would be very difficult and this makes it easier for terrorists and other malicious entities to get their hands on nuclear material or to sabotage a nuclear facility.

The two day workshop was attended by professionals from the Ethiopian Radiation Protection Authority and invited participants from another public organization that has stake to this end.


Ethiopian Radiation Protection Authority has held Expert Mission focusing on Radiotherapy Practice from March 9-13, 2015 here in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in collaboration with International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) by Ms. Ritva Bly, Section Head, PhLic, Medical Physicist, Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine, Helsinki, Finland.

During his opening speech Mr. Solomon Getachew, The General Director of Ethiopian Radiation Protection Authority, has expressed his gratitude for Ms. Ritva for her willingness to travel thousands of Kilometers to share technical knowledge on Radiotherapy. He also expressed his appreciation for International Atomic Energy Agency for consistence technical assistance for Member States. He added that Ethiopian Regulatory Body has manpower skill gap in Radiotherapy Authorization process and this training will be vital to fill the gap in this regard.

Ms. Ritva explained her happiness to be here in Ethiopia and appreciated IAEA for inviting her to this technical training on Radiotherapy and related practices. The event was a wonderful opportunity for the participants to exchange views and experiences of varied backgrounds.

Ethiopian Radiation Protection Authority has invited its Authorization and Inspection experts, guests from the five universities. The government of Ethiopia already planned to expand the radiotherapy centers in the country. That is why the Authority has invited those concerned bodies in the design of the therapy center.


An expert mission on CT-SCAN and MAMOGRAPHY has been held from Feb9-13,2014G.C here in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for 15 Radiation workers of Ethiopian Radiation Protection Authority by Dr. Nada Habas in cooperation of International Atomic Energy Agency. The objective of the training was to fulfill the skill gap of inspectors and to make complete authorization.

Mr. Brehanemeskel Kumbi, the acting general director, during his opening speech, said that the training was very crucial for Ethiopian Regulatory Body to efficiently regulate Mammography and CT SCAN. He expressed his gratitude to International Atomic Energy Agency for its continues technical assistance for Ethiopia and member regulatory bodies to make its vision "Atoms for peace "successful. He also wished Dr. Nada Habas to have pleasant time.

The training was both theoretical and practical in various hospitals ,clinics and laboratories where Mammography and CT SCAN available and the participants has attended actively to get the knowledge and skill required to fully regulate these radiation instruments.


Radiological Emergency Preparedness and Response Training and Drill has been held at Crown Hotel , Addis Ababa, Dece25-26,2014. It is aimed to drill how to work jointly and effectively towards radiation accident with stake holders namely, Fire Brigade, Federal Police, Ministry of Healthy. Mr. Mengistu Balcha the facilitator of the Program said the objective of the two days long drill program is to know how effectively coordinate with stake holder during radiation accident in Ethiopia.

Radiological Accident occurs during radiation symptom has seen on patients, radiation source stolen, in searching radiation source, public radiological exposure, damage of radiation source using satellite, terrorist threats , exploding radiological source, international radiological accident and water and food exposure, radiological accident on transportation, overexposure, during treatment, border crossing source are some of cases of emergency preparedness and response required. This accident occurs rarely but its social, political ,economical and psychological damage is high unless protected well

Now adays,Radiological accidents and insidents has been occurred iIn Ethiopia .Some are lost of nuclear gauges in different parts of the country especially in area of road construction, un known polonium at Bahirdar found , Cesium found in metal melting industry, and polluted Metal from India are some to mention.

Radiation and its application has been explained . The difference between ionizing and non ionizing radiation , source and machine, radiation application and use are discussed during the training..

Abdulrezak Oumer ,Director General, has presented on CTBTO and characteristics of Science and Technology. He explained that Nuclear weapons can destroy all human species.That is why countries make ban needed against Nuclear weapons test .Nuclear Weapons Test has done in thousand on water and land which should be harmful for all unless countries jointly work to ban . That is why in 1963 Treaty Banning Nuclear Weapon Tests in The Atmosphere, in outer space and under water.

Federal Police, Ministry of Healthy and Addis Ababa Fire brigade have presented their role in accident and organizational mandate . Lastly the actual drill has been taken place at Kality Radiation Storage Facility Site where a team of Federal Police Forensic Department has really showed how to find a missing radiation source and detect the source, identify the criminals and protect the public from further exposure. Similarly and amazingly Addis Ababa city fire brigade has done well drill how to handle radiation accident in relation to fire. Similarly , medical health team has done the drill dramatically and effectively to safe lives of casualties by radiation accident.


International workshop held at Addis Ababa, from 16-17 September 2014 entitled with " Ethiopia and the global nuclear non-proliferation regime; facilitating ratification and implementation of IAEA Additional Protocol ". coordinated by VERTIC and Ethiopian Radiation Protection Authority .Invited guests from Ministry of Mines and energy, Ministry of water and energy, Higher institutions school of laws, Ministry of foreign affairs , Ministry of Justice , Ministry of Science and technology and the Ethiopian Radiation Protection Authority have attended the workshop. The workshop designed to introduce the global nuclear non-proliferation regime and more specifically the IAEA Additional Protocol.

Mr.Abdulrezak Aumer, the general director of ERPA, has said that Ethiopia has an excellent association and track record with IAEA. Over the years, it has been supportive of the peaceful application of nuclear technology and work hand in hand at regional level as States Parties to the African Nuclear Weapon Free Zone Treaty.

During the presentation, the experts of VERTIC explained that the purpose of international nuclear safeguards regime is to assess whether countries' nuclear activities are peaceful, and to make the conclusions from these assessments available to the international community. This is possible by implementation and ratification of Additional Protocol. In additional they explained that among 162 IAEA Member states so far 147 have signed the IAEA Additional Protocol and among of which 124 have ratified and enforce the agreement. The Additional Protocol implementation trend in Norway Regulatory Body was presented as good illustration.

Additional Protocol used to control the practice and use of nuclear materials in the country to insure the security ,safe guards and safe use of these substances such as uranium minus, manufacture of fuel cycle, import/export of nuclear materials and the like. Finally the workshop has been completed successfully.


Notification and Authorization Directorate of Ethiopian Radiation Protection Authority has given training at Mile and Galafi for about 62 Linear Accelerator (Cargo Scanning Machine) radiation workers on Safety and Security from Augest29 to September4, 2014. Mr. Ahmed Mohamed, Work Area Healthy Officer at Ethiopian Customs and Revenue Authority, said that since radiation sources have healthy effects with operator error, such training believed to help the workers to work safely and securely. He expressed his appreciation and gratitude on behalf of the Authority for their willingness to come to such areas to offer training.

General background of ERPA, whiteness of radioactivity, units of radiation, Biological effects of radiation on human beings, principles of safety, requirements of Linear Accelerators, incidents and accidents of radiation, emergency and preparedness and physical protection and related topics were explained.

Both trainees of Mile and Galafi have raised lots of questions at the end of the training during discussion hours. Since most of them are newly employed workers and have no experience of radiation, their main suspect was radiation exposure at their work place, and the like.

The trainers answered that the questions were vital and any organization or individual must use radiation sources with getting an authorization from the Ethiopian Radiation protection Authority and renew a license on time. The Mile Cargo scanning has got Authorization but need to renew on time and the Galafi Cargo Scanning must get a license as fast as possible. They also showed for the trainees practically how to use survey meter to make area monitoring. They added that every radiation worker must use TLD and it should be read every month if possible.

Lastly the trainers observed that there were two radioactive monitoring devices named by THSCAN at Galafi which is very important to detect an unauthorized radioactive substance and radiation polluted materials before importing and exporting.


In memory of the contribution of the late prime Minister Meles Zenawi for environmental protection, workers of Ethiopian Radiation Protection Authority have planted various species of tree seedlings on 16th of August 2014 at Betel district, in Kolfe Sub City, Addis Ababa , Ethiopia .It was undertaken in lined with the 2nd year memory of his death. This is to make the vision of Meles Zenawi, Green Ethiopia, successful said the General Director of the Authority during the occasion.

The expert from the Ethiopian Environmental Protection Authority explained that the Authority has made great in planting trees and it was the third time to participate eagerly in environmental protection activities and this is unique occasion that was undertaken to remember the late prime Minister Meles Zenawi and she added that their office will take the rest responsibility including watering and such cares. More interestingly, there were many various types of trees grown in the area were planted by the Authority workers and this shows the effort the Authority for environment protection.

The workers has made five minutes silent prayer for the former prime Minister Meles zenawi and they enjoyed in participating the activity to protect the ecosystem and to extend green Ethiopia vision which is also resemblance with the vision of the Authority to protect from the environment and people from radiation pollution and green environment contributes a lots especially to protect the society from cosmic radiation.


The first coordination regional meeting has been started on strengthening radioactive waste management in Addis Ababa.

This regional meeting will continue for five days at Ambassador Hotel from June 2nd to June 6th,2014.

This meeting is organized by international Atomic Energy in collaboration with Ethiopian Radiation Protection Authority.

The objective of this training is to strengthen the radioactive waste management and to develop the technological aspect in the field of radiological waste management.

More than 23 African countries are invited to participate on the issue of strengthening radioactive waste management in the entire part of the continent.

As our Director General of the authority has expressed in his opening speech such kind of regional meeting plays the most vital role in strengthening countries mutual cooperation in the field of radioactive waste management. He also acknowledges the support and contribution IAEA for kindly accepting our request so as this important regional to be held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The Director General also emphasized that IAEA tries to implement to the piece full application of radiation and nuclear technology in our planet.

As he explained that the expanded use of radioactive materials in mining,agriculture,medicine and industry has increased and the transport of radioactive material is very high. In this context countries are expected to ensure the safety and security in the utilization of radiation nuclear and techniques in support of sustainable development efferts of Africa.

The Technical Manager of IAEA also informed that regional cooperation and mutual understanding must be integrated to develop the technological aspect of radioactive material in the continent among the member states.

In the duration of five days meeting all countries participating in the meeting will present their countries status report and review current situation of waste management in Africa. Finally participants will prepare work plan draft for the coming two years.


Radiation Awareness training in titled with " radiation protection ,safety and security" provided for high school and preparatory physics teachers here in Addis Ababa , Kaleb Hotel on April29,2014. The objectives of the training is to create awareness of the teachers so that they will share practical use of radiation for their students in their teaching learning process.

TDuring his opening speech , the general director explained that along the expansion of radiation and nuclear technology in the world , effective and efficient regulatory body should do best in awareness for concerned bodies .He added that since physics teachers are directly related to radiation, they need to be aware and the authority gives priority for them us they later train their students in the course of the teaching learning process.

Then experts from notification and authorization directorate have given training on the topics like legal frame work of the Authority, Basic concepts of radioactivity, radiation quantities and units, radiation sources and application ,biological effects and radiation accidents and the like.

Finally the participants have raised their questions and comments . These includes on the safety mechanisms, to give more and more awareness training and radiation protections methods.


Ethiopian Radiation Protection Authority has made a half day consultative meeting with Nuclear Density Gauge Users on Jupiter International Hotel on March 25, 2014 .Mr. Mengistu Balcha has explained the national Radiological Accidents occurred in the country so far. He stated radiation exposure, loss of radioactive sources such as Nuclear Density Gauges, melting radioactive contaminated source in the form of Scrap metals, and loss of Cesium source underground, inconsistence of TLD reading and the like. He stated increasing awareness for users, effective regulatory control and law enforcement and cooperation with stake holders will be the solution. The objective of the training was creating awareness the nuclear density users about safety and security.

The participants have asked questions related to creating public awareness, TLD reading inconsistency, about transferring sources to original country after finishing projects particularly road construction, annual dose limit, and environmental pollution at Grand Renaissance Dam .The experts replied that it is true to more and more public awareness, and regarding TLD reading it may be inconsistent due the nature of TLD that it may worn out or the reading machine may be not calibrated. Regarding transferring NDG to original country, investors prefer to transfer than returning to original country so as to safe cost of exportation.

Lastly the format that used to follow the safety and security of Nuclear Density Gauges were introduced and the licensee need to send every six month to the Authority .That is the safe way of cross-checking the status of the Nuclear Density Gauges and the safety of the workers.


Workers of Ethiopian Radiation Protection Authority have visited Grand Renaissance Dam, at Beneshangul Gumuz Zone and Guba district, on March 22, 2014 aiming to encourage workers and see the progress the dam.

The dam is the first from Africa and the seventh largest in the world. It is 1800meter long, and 145 high and will create 246km artificial lake and it has the capacity to produce 6000 mega watt of electricity at the end of the constriction process. In addition, it will be used for tourist attraction, fish production, research center, protect soul erosion, and the like.

The workers are impressed that the dam is completed 30 percent and they realized working in coordination and unity is great way to success and the dam is the true illustration. The workers also realized the extremely hot temperature of the dam area is challenging but the construction is going well and fast.

Lastly the workers realized that we Ethiopians have become in a time to use our water resources effectively to avoid shortage of electrical power.


Ethiopian radiation protection authority has given national awareness training on radiation protection, safety and security for 80 radiographers from Feb24-26, 2014 at Adama Dire International Hotel. The training is aimed to make them develop safety culture.

During his opening speech, Mr. Abdurezak Oumer, the general director of the authority, explained that ERPA give priority to give awareness for radiation workers like radiographers so that safety and security will be insured.

During the presentation by experts from the Authority, topics like legal frame of the authority, basic concepts of radioactivity, interaction of radiation with matter, radiation measuring equipments and units, biological effects of ionizing radiation, radiation protection and safety principle, radiation accidents, incidents and emergency plan ray tubes and generators, and other related topics presented.

Lastly during the discussions participants has raised a lot of questions .Among these, how to control unethical practices, educational opportunity for radiographers, x-ray practice without license, regarding implementation of quality assurance.

Finally Mr. Surur Kedir, the director of Notification and Authorization Directorate has awarded certificate for the radiographers.


Ethiopian Radiation Protection Authority held a discussion with Stake holders at Hawassa.

The Discusion Was focused on Collecting inputs on the newly revised Proclamation.

During his opening speech Mr, Abdulrezek Oumer. Director General of ERPA Said that the Authority gives high Consideration for the Success history of Protecting individuals, the Society, Its property and the environment in Current and Future Generations from radiation hazards emitted from radiation hazards emitted from radiation Source and related particles including X-ray machines.

Mr. Samuel Tassaw, Director of Legal Service explained the need for improving the newly revised Proclamation in cludes Principle of Sustainable development Compliance principle, Permission Principle, Continuous Control Principle, insertion of Nuclerar Principle & the like.


Awareness training has given for Science Journalists on 25 Dec 2013 in titled with Radiation Protection and communication Style here in Churchil Hotel, Addis Ababa ,Ethiopia .The objectives of the training is to aware Science journalists about radiation and public communication.

Miss Zulfa Abdo, Communication Head of the Authority, opened the training on behalf of Mr. Abdulrezak Umer, the General Director of the Authority. She said that radiation application in the areas of mining, healthy, agriculture, construction is increasing in Ethiopia in Alarming rate and it requires public awareness and training to implement safety culture everywhere and to minimize radiation hazards.

Then, a documentary film which shows the activities of the Authority has been displayed .Mr. Surur Kedir, Director of Directorate of Notification and Authorization has presented on Concepts of Radiation. He stated the types of Radiation and their characters after the display.

"We are living in the sea of radiation "said Mr. Tadele Negesh to explain the presence of natural radiation everywhere. He added that, Justification, Optimization and Dose Limitation should be implemented everywhere where people have access to radiation to be safe. Unnecessary radiation exposure will affect DNA in human cell is the cause of cancer and heredity problems based on the amount of exposure, rate, area of body, type of radiation and individual biological variability.

Mr. Jemal Edris has explained that radiation accidents and its type and cause .Human error ,lack of defense in depth ,Ineffective safety systems ,lack of monitoring ,poor maintenance of devices, lack of education and training, lack of procedures and the like are the main causes of radiation accidents. He added that radiation accidents may happen in areas like medical institutions, industrial facilities, research and educational institutions, transport involving radioactive material, nuclear fuel cycle and field applications with gamma radiography and almost anywhere such as terrorist or criminal activities, illicit trafficking, in scrap yards, on military premises and basically, in many places where they are used. The effect of radiation accident includes healthy, environmental, economical losses, psychological, legal, social, political, and it is crucial to implement Emergency and preparedness plan .He also explained the importance of communication on accidents and safety for the public.

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About 18 Information and Technology and Communication experts from African Regulatory Bodies participated on a workshop held a workshop on the title of "knowledge safety networks" at Nairobi, Kenya, 14-18 October 2013 organized by Forum of Nuclear Regulatory Bodies in Africa (FNRBA).The purpose of the workshop is to present, discuss and develop the Forum of Nuclear Regulatory Bodies in Africa Portals (FNRBAP) and the National Nuclear Regulatory Portals ( NNRP) ,which is part of the Global Nuclear Safety and Security Network ( GNSSN ), as Alem Habtemariam ,the Ethiopian participant reported.

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Under the Ethiopian Radiation Protection Authority, Notification and License Directorate has given training from Actober19-21, 2006 for Nuclear Density Gauges Users of Gibe3 Project. The training was aimed to increase awareness of radiation workers so as to help them implement safety and security requirements of the source.

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ERPA held half day discussion with public wings on the title of "let us cooperate to use radiation for development in keeping the general public and the environment from radiation hazards" at TDS Hotel, here Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on Oct10,2013.

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Ethiopian Radiation Protection held half day awareness discussion with Metal Melting Industries and Importers on the Title of "Metal and Radiation Safety Procedures" at Bole Ambassador Hotel on 3rd of October 2013. It is aimed at creating awareness on radiation safety procedures on scrap metals.

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Ethiopian Radiation protection Authority held a discussion with Harer, Diredawa and jigjiga regions Courts and Stakeholders.

The discussion was focused on collecting inputs on the newly revised proclamation.

During his opening speech Mr Abdulrezk Oumer, Director General of ERPA Said that the authority gives high Consideration for the Success history of protecting individuals, the Society, its Property and the environment in Current & future Generations, from radiation hazards emitted from radiation source and related particles including x-ray machines.

Mr. Samuel Tasaw, Director of Legal Service Explained the need for improving the newly revised proclamation includes principles of Sustainable development, Compliance Principle Permission Principle, Continuous Control Principles insertion of Nuclear Version and the like.


Ethiopian Radiation Protection Authority in collaboration with International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has been organized Regional Training Course for Regulators from 27 African Countries on Authorization and Inspection of Radiation Sources here in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from 26 August 26, 2013 to September 20, 2013.

Mr. Ebrahim Abd Elrahim Shadad (Dr.), the IAEA delegates and Technical coordinator has presented the message from IAEA and expressed the commitment of the Agency to provide technical Support for African Member States to build efficient regulatory bodies infrastructure for insuring security and regulatory of nuclear and radiation practices.

The training course is intended as a means of promoting safety and security in use of radiation sources as well as encouraging regulatory control in Africa. Building up the competency and expertise needed by the national regulatory bodies in the region for the establishment and operations of an adequate regulatory program for the safety and security of radiation sources an important, said the director general of ERPA, Mr. Abdulrezak Oumer, during his welcoming speech. He added that IAEA's cooperation opened up huge opportunities for Ethiopia and other African nations, through its technical cooperation.

Minister of Science and Technology, W/ro Demitu Hmbissa, expressed her appreciation to IAEA for selecting Ethiopia to facilitate the regional training. She added that a clear science, technology and innovation policy and strategy in African Countries, coupled with an effective and sustainable radiation and nuclear regulatory infrastructure as well as programme of building the necessary implementing capacity, will enable the exploitation and the use of radiation and nuclear technology as a tool for development.


Ethiopian Radiation Protection Authority has offered two days long training entitled with "Radiation safety and security" for graduate class radiography students of Addis Ababa University Black Lion Hospital Branch starting from July1 to 2 of 2013. The training aimed at enabling the trainees aware and conscious to keep themselves and the patients' safe during their actual radiation practices.

During his Opening speech, Mr. Surur Kedir has elaborated that the Authority is mainly works with increasing awareness through training and radiography students are among the priority for further interaction because they are near to work place radiation exposure as well as their patients overdose exposure.

During the first session of the training back ground of establishment and objectives, missions of the authority were discussed. Following that various radiation topics were presented, such as, radiation protection and safety principles, Biological effects of ionizing radiation, basic concepts of radio activity.


Ethiopian Radiation Protection Authority held forth round public wing meeting on June27, 2013 here in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Jupiter Hotel to discuss repeated radiological accidents occurred along with its strategic plan.

So as to effectively and safely use radiation and nuclear technology in the country, the Authority is required to maximize coordination, discussion and exchange of information with its public wings and concerned bodies regularly, as mentioned by Mr. Abdulrezak Aumer ,the General Director of the Authority during his opening speech. He added that the Authority utilized a lot relevant radiation safety and security information from the public wings as they are directly and indirectly linked with radiation practices.

It is devastating news that repeated radiological accident occurred in Ethiopia as stated during the meeting. These includes loss of density gauges from work places ,illegal radioactive source transfer ,radiation contamination in area of heavy metal industries, import of radiation polluted metal from India, occurring of radiation Polluted metals in heavy metal melting Industries and the like. Twice a year radiation accidents is normal and expected condition in other countries experience as International Atomic Energy Commission statement. It is this mainly and highly required the Authority to move on establishing of National Radiological Accident Preparedness and Response Team as stated by one of ERPA expert.

Since Notification, Inspection and Authorization are major activities of the Authority in its plan, about 100 practices authorized for using radiation source, 350 information were offered for customers regarding radiation practices, about 837 individuals of different sector were took awareness training, and about 301 high school students were also given training on radiation .similarly almost in all parts of the country inspection on x-ray and other radiation sources were held.


Ethiopian Radiation Protection Authority (ERPA) held Radiation awareness training for about 46 Medical Directors and Owners of Higher Clinics and Hospitals on May 13, 2013 at Semen Hotel, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia .The objectives of the training is to create awareness for medical directors regarding using radiation emitting equipments such as x-rays safely and properly so as to protect the patients, radiation workers and the public radiation hazards. ERPA wishes medical doctors prescribes x-ray with all necessary considerations its side effects and values for patients.

Mr. Abdulrezak Aumer, the general director of the Authority, explained the mission, vision, and objectives of the Authority as introductory part and emphasized the need to work in coordination with stake holders and licensees for the Authority to become strong regulatory body.

Then Mr. Surur Kedir, the director of notification and authorization directorate, explained about x-rays and its function, how to use radiation sources without affecting the patients, and about annual exposure amount .He elaborated that the three vital issues doctors need to consider before prescribing x-ray or other radiation emitting sources for patients are justification, optimization and dose limit. The annual radiation exposure of the public is 1msv, for radiation worker 12 msv. He added that the limiting exposure time, making distance from the source and shielding are practical means of radiation protection.

Then Mr. Tadele Negash, presented the biological effect of radiation. He added that ERPA is an organization to keep the current and future individuals, the society and the environment from radiation hazards as a result of poor radiation practices and infrastructure. He also presented pictures which show the effect of radiation on our body.

"Treat your patient and safe your life "said Mr. Mengistu Balcha, during his explanation of safety culture. He also explained that interventional radiography has long exposure and high effect while plain radiography has low radiation and low effect. Radiation exposure comes 60 % from operator error and 40%from mat ion failure, he added.

After discussing comments, questions from participants lastly the general director has closed the program with appreciation the participants for their valuable comments and concern to work in coordination with the Authority.


Ethiopian Radiation Protection Authority has held its third round discussion forum with its Public Wings on 24thof April2013G.C in Intercontinental Hotel, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on the Title "Radiation for Development". The objective of the forum was to strengthen the radiation protection activities while the technology is increasing in alarming rate in Africa, particularly in Ethiopia.

The general Director Mr. Abdulrezak Oumer has discussed The Ethiopian Transformational Plan emphasizing the contribution of the Authority in its Strategic Plan. He further elaborated that the Government has focused economic, political, peace, unity and development sustainability in which Radiation and Nuclear Technology development plays key role. He also explained the importance of radiation and nuclear technology in areas of Healthy (for treatment, medication, diagnosis,), Energy Supply, Road Construction, Industry, Agriculture (to increase crop quality and production) Mining and Research activities and so on. Finally he concluded that it is high time for the Authority to work with public wings, to effectively and efficiently keep the current and future individuals, the society and the environment from radiation hazards.

Following Mr. Surur Kedir, Director of Notification and Authorization Directorate, presented the general back ground of the Authority and its development since its establishment by law in 1986.He explained that the Authority was first established to control ionizing radiations then it further included non ionizing radiations by article 79/1986 and 571/2000 consequently .He also stated the objectives, missions, values of the Authority.

In addition, he presented the major activities of the authority in this budget year along with the performance level in relation to the strategic plan. He first stated about the number of organizations for radiation practices and use of equipments, 79 pass through national notification system,44 received new license for radiation practice ,115 renewed licences,46 received transportation permission,86 received permission of radiation safety workers.Moreover,284inspections held throughout the country in various areas,88cases seen by administrative and law inforcements,168assesments on imported items,9mining areas radiation safety inspections and trainings and about 15persont environmental radiation monitoring .He also mentioned awareness creation activities via trainings ,medias and lastly he explained challenges facing the authority in spite of all its efforts.

The participants have raised questions, comments and indicated issues which are valuable for the protection activities of the Authority. The experts of the Authority also answered and finally the program ended with acknowledgments from public wings due efforts of the authority concerning radiation and nuclear technology and development.


The Ethiopian Radiation Protection Authority (ERPA) has recently entered into an agreement evidenced by the signing up of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Institute of Conformity Assessment (CAI) on the 29th of March 2013 at the head office of ERPA. Responsible personnel representing the two organizations were dully present which gave a fresh impetus to the forthcoming mutual solidarity and cooperation aimed at jointly carrying out such tasks as controlling items deemed to be having a contaminated nature in the course of importation like Milk products, Fish and related products, Fertilizer, Minerals; and to effectively undertaking tasks revolving around exchange of information in respect of radiation measuring labs located in the tow domains paying more attention to control of radiation levels beyond the prescribed limit accordingly

Ato Abdurazek Omar, Director General of ERPA, dwelt strongly on the vital and pivotal issues centered upon the felt-need to put the very clauses set forth in the MOU into crystallized practice with a view of efficaciously realizing the intended result on both parities in the days to come. He further added that ERPA as an institution is always ready enough to pay homage to any institutions which are indeed willing enough to work hands in gloves with it so as to give life to the government's developmental policy and concomitant legal framework directed towards ensuring the well being of the public at large in all walks of life.

Similarly, Ato Gashaw Tadesse, Director General of CAI gave emphasis on the usefulness of paving a way for such noble bilateral trend and deed the final outcome of which is no doubt enabling both parties to arrive at a very satisfactory goal at institutional level and a very resounding outcome at a national level.

In the final analysis, experts representing both contracting parties reiterated some very focal points and urged to be vigilant enough in the course of implementation of the vivid provisions of the signed up Memorandum of Understanding in good faith and volitionally as well as materially.


The Ethiopian Radiation Protection Authority, with the strong participation and pivotal role of its experts of various directorates, has organized and conducted a five-days long(from april 01 to april 05,2013) an awareness raising training session , for Female Radiographers selected from various agencies on topical issues entitled: on radiation protection and safety of radiation sources tailored to their professional etiquette and proclivity.

Ato Abdurezak Oumar, Director General of ERPA affirmed, in his key note speech, that the Authority has been making its possible strive within the ambit of its legal and administrative jurisdictional status vested in it by virtue of the Parliamentary promulgated laws as well as framework such type of educative and constructively solid training as to the making use of various types of radiation bound and related tasks commensurate with the tenet , discipline and long-standing tradition of radiography is no doubt very crucial and of more help in giving strength to the attendees and the experts under their patronage and supervision for the coming days.

The Director General affirmed the vivid fact that such trend is designed to resume in the days to come and made it clear that the trainees would come to obtain a very valid comprehension with respect to the use of the training educative devises and are believed to be ready to effectively use them in their undertakings

Similar view was held by Dr Aster Tsegaye, Chairperson of Female Science Professionals Association, which corroborated the vehemently proposed issues of Ato Abdurezak on the ground that getting organized of such training session will clear the path for the trainees in evaluating themselves and in mapping out an appropriate modus opearndi in the days to come.

It was reported that 70 women have attended the five-days long training session according to our sources, and all confirmed that they were very satisfied with the training from which they could derive a professional understanding.


ERPA has made medical and environmental inspection on radiological practices in Amhara and Benishangul region from Feb 6, 2013G.C to March24, 2013G.C.The Inspection team has covered 36x-ray machines of hospitals and higher clinics, 5cement, 2gypson, 1fertilizer factories and 1 imported food boarder data assessment.

Inspection on medical practices of hospitals and higher clinics, focused on checking machine quality, safety provision and radiation leakage of x-ray and CT scan. The team found moving x-ray machines without notifying to the authority, license renewal problems, and safety problems in few higher clinics and hospitals. There was no radiation leakage hazards found during inspection at all medical institutions.

Environmental radiation monitoring included cement and gypsum factories. The objective of the inspection was to assess background radiation, radon gas amount and raw materials radioactive sensitivity in relation to thorium and uranium which found in most minerals in various levels. The team has investigated no radiation level above background radiation level or 1msv/hr that affects individuals, the public and the environment.


Ethiopia Radiation Protection Authority held a National training in collaboration with International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) here Churchil Hotel, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from 4th-8th of March 2013 entitled with "Effective and Sustainable Regulatory Control of Radiation Sources". The training aimed to implement effective and sustainable regulatory system with IAEA safety standards here in our country as we are member state.

Since ERPA gives high consideration for effective coordination and collaboration with stake holders, customers ,public wings ,service providers to meet the mission and objectives of the Authority for the success history of safe the now and future individuals ,their property and the environment from radiation hazards by promoting the effective and sustainable regulatory control of Radiation Sources.

For the above reasons various stake holders, public wings, customers and service providers are invited to attend the program along with the Authority officers.

The Inspection and Law Enforcement Directorate, the Food and Environment Team experts has made inspection in different mining industries, property collecting and Re-using Station and scrap metal smelter industries to access and verify that the scrap metals or imported metal are free from radiation contamination. They also gave awareness training for workers and management bodies in the area of metal processing and mining industries about radiation and its hazards. The Team has also monitored the environmental radiation level in different places from december31 to January 17 of 2013.

The objectives of this inspection was part of the ERPA regulatory activities to protect the current and future individuals, the society and the environment from radiation hazard while using the technology for various developmental activities in areas of industry, healthy, agricultural , educational research centers, mining and water ,energy, construction and the like.

During the inspection the experts underwent area radiation monitoring in the suspected property collecting and Re-using Station at Mojo site and have found two high radioactive sources which able to emit 80 µsv/hr gamma radiation and 22 Bq/cm2 alpha particles from the first source and 22 µsv/hr gamma radiation and 3.1 Bq/cm2 alpha particles from the second one in Mojo Resource Collection and Reuse Site of Ethiopian Metals Engineering Corporation. Radiation which is significantly above the limit set by the regulatory Authority, It should be noticed that unexpected environmental and public radiation exposures could occur if contaminated metals are processed and distributed for public use. The experiences in the world have shown that heavy economic loss, health and social costs occur due to such accidents. Hence, pre-process monitoring is indispensable to check whether the metals are below clearance levels or free from radiation contaminations.

Radiation exposure to such high radioactive source will affect our healthy based on the amount and frequency of exposure and gradually it cause cancer and ultimately death based on the dose amount of radiation intake. The ERPA enforce such metal processing industries which import or collect and reuse metals to fulfill and obey the mandatory regulatory requirements before start to distribute to the melting and processing industries.

By Information and Public Relation Service


The Ethiopian Radiation Protection Authority (ERPA) held a one day discussion on 25 of January 2012 with its public wing on the title of "radiation and nuclear technology for development and performance evaluation on its activities in Ethiopia" Hotel, here in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The objectives of the discussion was mainly to establish effective and efficient link with directly or indirectly related associations (public wing), to get current and vital feedback on the regulatory activities of the Authority.

The General Director of the Authority, Mr. Abdulrezak Oumer, discussed that the Authority is functioning regulatory activities of radiation practices during its application on various developmental areas of the country in order to protect the current and future generation, the environment from radiation hazards. So the authority will need remarks and suggestions of Public Wing to ensure peaceful radiation practices in Ethiopia.

Then Mr. Surur Kedir, Director of Notification and Authorization Directorate has presented an elaboration of radiation and nuclear technology with particular emphasis on radiation, its types, radiation sources, radiation hazards and major activities of the authority in relation to radiation and nuclear technology. He further explained radiation and nuclear technology applications in areas of agriculture, industry, healthy institutions, construction, educational and research centers, energy, water and mining.

Participants from the Public Wing has admired the Authority for its concern to let them involve in its regulatory activities of radiation and nuclear technology and forwarded very crucial and vital questions, suggestions, and relevant information with radiation sources and practices which they knew from their point of view. They also stressed that the authority should pay more attention to inspection of X-ray, CT-Scan, Mammography practices to protect the patients and individuals from unnecessary exposures due unethical work practice and below standard working areas.

The General Director of the Authority and Directors of the core working processes have witnessed that the Authority has gained a lot constructive information from Pubic Wing and also answered the questions raised. They also promised to take in to considerations the comments given for the sake of safe radiation practices in Ethiopia. Lastly the General Director of the Authority has appreciated the public wing for their hot discussion and comments and closed the program.


Ethiopian Radiation Protection Authority and Ethiopian Radiography and Radiology Technologist Association has signed memorandum of understanding on January 1, 2012 here in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Mr. Abdulrezak Umer, the General Director of the Authority, during his opening speech explained that such agreement will strengthen regulatory and safety radiation activities of the authority which is the major objective for its establishment by law. He added the association has direct link with ERPA and the agreement will help both to work cooperatively in capacity building ,information exchange and law enforcement areas for safety of radiographer, radiology technologists and the public in large. He further told the agreement aimed offering capacity building trainings for members of the association so as to encourage them to keep professional ethics to serve the society in safe way. So it is crucial to make cooperation with the association for radiation safety and regulatory activity of the Authority to be successful.

Mr.Eskindir Tasese, the president of the association, has explained that the association has long pass since its establishment in 1975 as X-ray Technicians Association and three years ago has got the current title .He added that the association is a bridge between the Professionals and the Authority especially as these days the need to use radiological equipments expanded in alarming rate in our country. Further the agreement is vital in exchanging information about professionals and their radiological activities and facilitates the activities of the authority on radiation safety, regulatory and law enforcements.


The Ethiopian Radiation Protection Authority officers have given training on radiation protection ,safety and security of radiation sources for more than 500 police students at Sendafa Ethiopian Police University College on 14 Jan 2012G.C aiming to create awareness on radiation and nuclear technology areas to strengthen the activities of protecting the society and environment from radiation hazards.

During his opening speech Commander Kasahun Yohannis ,crime investigation and phonetic science institute program manager explained that the training of creating awareness for the police students on radiation and its hazards make them to react actively in solving any radiation accidents and illegal activities of radioactive sources.

Mr Tedele Negash, Radiation Safety, Notification and information senior officer explained mainly the major activities of the authority and application of radiation and nuclear technology. He elaborated that the major activities of the authority are in the areas of notification, authorization and law enforcements in the practice of radiation sources in the country.

He added that radiation and nuclear technology has many applications in the area of medicine, industry, agriculture, research and construction. Therefore, Ethiopia and other African countries need to develop safety mechanisms along with the expansion of the technology for developmental activities.

Similarly Mr. Jemal Edris ,Radiation Safety, Notification and information senior officer ,has given training on the way the authority protect the society and the environment from side effects of radiation and nuclear technology briefly.

Lastly, the trainees raised interesting questions, which reveal their understanding and active participation, they also offered positive suggestions regarding radiation, and nuclear technology and the Officers clearly answered and discussed well.


The inspection and law-enforcement Directorate held a half-day long consultative meeting on the 27th of November 2012 at Ghion hotel here in Addis Ababa with identified target groups and stakeholders which are deemed to be engaged in activities with nuclear density gauge. The main purpose of getting organized this consultative meeting is linked to, and stemmed from, the fact addresses the recurrent problem connected with the theft of nuclear density gauge in certain localities as per the subsequently observed scenario on the part of the Authority, and also envisaged the legal duty levied on the shoulders of registrants and licensees to notify the Authority of their intention to change their area of operation and business trends without taking protracted time.

It was incessantly observed and given due emphasis by the attendees that the lingering problem in connection with the theft of the mentioned devise should be withstood in order to protect the individual, the society, property and the environment in different areas within the country's landscape ; and certain participants vehemently contended on the valid ground that the law enforcement threshold should be strengthened, and also experts of the directorate dwelt upon vexed questions and influx of opinions in order to enable the attendees to grasp the modus operandi in this regard and thereby to play a pivotal and viable role in the upcoming days commensurate with, and in support of , the Authority's mapped out plan of actions.

The Director General of the Authority on the other hand paid a close attention to the topical issues framed up for common deliberation and urged the attendees to take heed of the legally set standards, and following the earnest urge on the part of the Director Genreal the attendees vowed to pay homage to the visions and missions as well as goals of the Authority in their respective functional areas.


The Ethiopian Radiation Protection Authority held a half-day long consultative meetings with its stakeholders selected from various governmental and private venues at Axum hotel on the 7th of November 012.

It was noted that a solid training as to the making use of various types of radiation measurement devices was given to the attendees and the experts gave a pledge to organize and conduct similar training sessions for the coming days.

The meeting was intended: to share experiences and to exchange information as regards radiation protection, the prons and cons relating to the Authority's core functions, the role to be played by the stakeholders in aiding the various modalities mapped out by the Authority, and also to lay a fertile ground for the upcoming bilateral relations directed towards achieving the intended results in all walks of life using possible and conducive windows of opportunities.

Totally 52 attendees ( 41 males and 11 females) were able to take part in the held deliberations with an unflagging energy, enthusiasm and responsibility in order to give a fresh impetus and leverage to the vision, mission, values and goals of the Ethiopian Radiation Protection Authority.

Mr Abdurezek Umer, Director General of the Ethiopian Radiation Protection Authority delivered the keynote address at the stakeholder's consultative meeting having dwelt upon the following kernel issues and cardinal focal points:The pivotal role to be played by stakeholders,The proper realization of regulatory frameworks,The contribution of radiation to multifaceted development,The performance of the Authority for the previous closed down budget year,The intention and an over trend of the Authority to give priority to its stakeholders and to lay a strong and viable threshold on which both parties would be mighty enough to work hands in gloves and shoulder-to-shoulder.

Moreover, the incumbent Director General forwarded his warm compliments and earnest gratitude to the duly attended stakeholders for what they did in the previous interacting podium upon which the Authority and the stakeholders jointly and zealously made each and every possible endeavor to create and nurture a very conducive atmosphere directed towards ensuring the common achievements of goals and objectives.

Finally the Director General of the ERPA, Ato Abdurezak Omar, in his closing remarks pointed out that: "………As I have served in the Authoriy for the last 12 months , I have witnessed and pondered the tremendous impact our stakeholders and clients can have in strengthening our common interest and best laid plans through their righteous proclivities and efforts…... I have also observed their great contribution in giving strong support to our tasks as they participate in our plan of actions and performing all the needed ones for the successive achievements that we long to obtain in view of our vision…..."


The Ethiopian Radiation Protection Authority, with the strong participation and pivotal role of its experts of various directorates, has recently organized and conducted a one-day long an awareness raising training session for fire fighters selected from various agencies on topical issues entitled:on radiation protection and safety of radiation sources tailored to fire and rescue personal.

It was noted that a solid training as to the making use of various types of radiation measurement devices was given to the attendees and the experts gave a pledge to organize and conduct similar training sessions for the coming days.

Mr Bweto Dima, deputy director of the Agency for the Fire & Emergency Disasters Prevention & Control expressed his deep-seated compliments and admirations for the involvement and contribution of the Authority in this regard, and retreated that his Agency is ready enough to work hands in gloves with the Authority for the forthcoming days with a view of nurturing the same proclivity in the areas

Mr Atnatos Zeleke , director of inspection and law-enforcement directorate of the Authority, gave emphasis on the vivid fact that such trend is designed to resume in the days to come and made it clear that the trainees could come to obtain a very valid comprehension with respect to the use of the devises and are believed to be ready to effectively use them in their undertakings

It was reported that 30 men and women have attended the one-day long training session according to our sources, and all confirmed that they were very satisfied with the training from which they could derive a professional understanding.


The United States of America Department of Energy (US -DoE) has donated the Authority different radiation measuring equipment which cost more than 130,000 US Dollar. Besides, a five days training on Source Search and Secure methods and on the proper usage of the donated instruments for the staff of the Authority, other national stakeholder organizations and the staff of the Sierra Leone Radiation Protection Board during August 27-31,2012 at Addis Ababa Hilton, Ethiopia.

The objective of the program is to assist the Authority on its effort and activities on the safety and protection of the society and the environment from radiation hazards. The delegate of US –DoE, Mr. Scottie Walker expressed that US-DoE has continuous interest to cooperate with ERPA in radiation protection and nuclear safety programs to protect the society and environment. He added that it is crucial to be aware on the threats pose to the public from loose radiation sources and the need on the safe search techniques of orphan sources which are out of regulatory control and to secure them in safe and secure storage.

During his opening speech Mr. Abdulrezak Oumer first and most expressed his deep condolence for the passing away of HE Meles Zenawi, Prime Minister of Ethiopia. He added that since most countries in Africa are also developing economically and socially along with radiation and nuclear technology advancements, effective national regulatory infrastructures in nuclear safety and security is crucial. He also noted that the technical and financial assistance of the America Department of Energy for Africa in general and for Ethiopia is tremendous and expressed his gratitude.


Ethiopian Radiation Protection Authority with deep sorrow and colossal grief expressed its condolence to the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, who had led our country for the last 21 years with great wisdom and far-sightedness in this day of the 28th of August 2012 by representing 20 of its selected staff and in front of the Residential Grand Palace of His Excellency in a place where his coffin was laid.

The representatives of Ethiopian Radiation Protection Authority in conjunction with other representatives of various institutions operating under the umbrella of the Ministry of Science and Technology paid the final tribute to the late Primer being greatly shocked and saddened.

Ethiopian Radiation Protection Authority in the likeness of its counterparts under the Ministry voiced that it is a commonly agreed upon axiom that the Prime Minister was a successful and visionary leader who was able to build up a party and a government that had defiantly commenced to turn his aims and vision into reality, raising Ethiopia's stature high in the international arena.


In this day of August 29th 2012, the staff members of the Ethiopian Radiation Protection Authority convened at the Authority's hall and undertook the following activities in remembrance of their beloved and renowned Prime Minister:


  • All the duly participants of the remembrance convention paid a tribute to their beloved leader under the auspices of a minute silent prayer accompanied by heartfelt grief and colossal shock.
  • The Director General of Ethiopian Radiation Protection Authority, Mr Abdurezak Oumer , gave an obituary based speech in praising the noble deeds of the late Prime Minister.



The Director General urged the duly attendants of the convention to work strongly in order to cement the previous works of the late Premier with full fidelity, vigor and enthusiasm.


  • The two main core process directors also reaffirmed the position held by the Director General.
  • In the course of the deliberation many attendees came up with ideas that: all staff members of the Ethiopian Radiation Protection Authority, should come to firmly believe that Meles was instrumental in drawing up the right mix of policies for the country and had by his highly qualified state of leadership placed Ethiopia on the path of democracy and development, ensuring that the inevitable re-born of the nation was realizable and was within reach.
  • All the staff members posed that while the loss of their visionary leader is a loss too us, they as staff members ofEthiopian Radiation Protection Authority, today more than ever are duty bound to act together to implement Prime Minister Meles' vision for change and for the building of a developed and prosperous Ethiopia.


Most important worth noting is that they affirmed on the ground that "…….We , staff members of the Ethiopian Radiation Protection Authority hereby give a pledge to redouble the already incepted efforts to endure this difficult moment and ensure that Ethiopia indeed achieves the goals charted out for it by its visionary leader chiefly in the sphere of science and technology . ….we call upon all Ethiopians to endure these trying times with traditional Ethiopian fortitude and unity and asks them to work hand in hand to ensure Ethiopia's sustainable development, peace and the interests of its peoples for the future….."

Above all, they gave a due emphasis on the following assertions:

"…….We staff members of Ethiopian Radiation Protection Authority are valid witnesses that the constructive and peaceful role that our leader had played in the sphere of science & technology in Ethiopia to ensure mutual benefit for all will continue with vigor and Ethiopia will remain, today as in the past, an example of development in science and technology. Ethiopia's constructive role within the African Union and the international community will continue to be based and strengthened on the vision and directions laid out by Prime Minister Meles.


".....We staff members ofEthiopian Radiation Protection Authority shall compel ourselves to abide by the fact that Prime Minister Meles was the chief architect of the 5 year Growth and Transformation Plan, for the upcoming success of which we are ready enough to struggle.

Finally, we also would like to take this opportunity to express our condolences to the Peoples of Ethiopia and to the bereaved family of our great leader, Meles Zenawi...."

The convention held on the 29th of August was completed by signing up of expression of sorrow and grief to the late Prime Minister.


ERPA has given the awareness creation training for about 22 security guards and management bodies At Metrology Institute where the interism radioactive waste storage is found here in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on Saterday Jun 16 2012. The training aimed at enhancing their awareness on the safety and security of the Radioactive Waste stored in the facility.

The participants attended the training attentively and eagerly becouse they want to know the means and pronciples of protection from radiological hazards. They also need such training to further develop their awarness in certain interval. They witness the training helped them to avoid unnecessary fear of radiation.


ERPA held a half day seminar on the topic "the role of strong national regulatory infrastructure in support of radioactive sources safety and security" with government senior officials, regional councils and stake holders in Addis Ababa Hilton on 15th June 2012

The seminar is aimed to tackle policy and legal issues on national protection and legal framework for cooperative and interactive radiation technology and protection mechanisms. It was held by the authority in collaboration with department of energy of America (DOA).

During his opening speech Mr.Abdulrezak Umer stated that along with technology and industry development in the country implementing wisely radiation and nuclear safety and protection mechanisms are crucial so as to protect the society and the environment.

Ambassador of America in Ethiopia, Mr. Donald Buth also expressed that his country will stand besides Ethiopia in its effort for safety and radiation protection and developmental practices.


The Ethiopian Radiation protection Authority (ERPA) has organized the 2nd National Consultative meeting with its customers, stakeholders and its staff at the Ethiopian Standards Agency conference hall on June 07, 2012.

During the meeting presentations:

  • Report on the activities conducted by ERPA, based on the request of customers at the previous (first) similar meeting; regarding improving the authorization processes and to solve some identified bottlenecks to license Radiation Protection Service providers
  • Reform activities of the Authority and citizen charter of ERPA, and
  • The 2004 performance and plan implementation of ERPA including the 2005 proposed activities were presented and discussed.


Besides, customers raised many issues that should be dealt by ERPA onwards to improve its services further

During the event the Director General of ERPA thank all participants, and promised to keep this meeting every three months as approved earlier; and he also reassure participants that ERPA will consider all the inputs provided to be included in the coming 2005 EC plan as well as will make use of them to upgrade its working system.

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The Authority organized one day training for collaborators in national radiological emergency planning and preparedness and response organizations here in Addis Ababa, Ethiopian Standard Agency, Meeting Hall, on May 8, 2012.

The objective of the training is to create awareness for cooperative and collaborators on radiation effects, radiological accidents and prepardnesspreparedness and response team organization and assigning coordinator

During his opening speech ,the director of the Authority, mr Abdulrezak Oumer,explained the importance of organizing national radiological accidents prepardness and response team in relation to global nuclear accidents and terrorism triets.He added that it is wise to prepare with collaborators to before the accident occurred.

Following experts of the authority explained about the mission, vision, objectives of the authority and main activities of the outhority.In addition riadiological accident of Brazil was menstioned for exemplification.Lastly frank discustion was held with participants and the Authority assigned as coordinator.

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The Authority signed memorandum of understanding with Ministry of Mining Miyaziya 2, 2004. Mr. Tolesa Shege, the vice Minister of the mining Ministry and Mr. Abuerzak Armer the Acting General Director of the Authority signed the agreement in the meeting whole of the Ministry. To exchange relevant information, and to create conducive working system to strengthen controlling effects of radiation.

The objective of Memorandum of understanding is to synergize our efforts in control of radiation sources and practices and to enhance the national framework required to implement and effective radiation protection infrastructure.

As radionuclide minerals such as Ukannium and forium have radiation that cause series effect on mining workers and the environment, all research works the area mining should be held in coordination of the authority and the ministry. This strength awareness creation and controlling system of the Authority.

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The Ethiopian Radiation Protection authority has organized the second national training course on "Radiation Protection 2nd Safety of Radiation Sources in diagnostic and Intervention Radiology" for Radiation Protection Service providers during April 9-12, 2012.

The objective of the course in to provide awareness and training on radiation protection and safety of radiation application, principles and methodologies to Radiation Protection service providers and to introduce system for those who need to participate in the area of providing service and to identify the problems encounters in the area.

The authority demands individual or organizations who join in the work of providing service in the areas of conducting consultants, radiation safety assessors, maintenance and installation of devices with radiation sources, and importers and distributors of machines capable of limiting radiation.

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Training given for 30 Ethiopian and Kenyan Radiation and Nuclear Technology experts on Security and Physical Protection of Radioactive Sources in collaboration with the US DOE-NNSA in Sheraton Addis from March 13-15, 2012.

During his opening speech Mr. Abdurezak Aumer, Acting General Director of the Authority, explained that the objective of the training was creating awareness and experience sharing on security and protection of radiation and nuclear technology. He added that such training enhance the activity of public safety and security.

Finally the trainees was certified for their participation and achievements on the training

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ERPA held National Consultative Meeting on the Integrated Nuclear Security Support Plan to Ethiopia in collaboration with International Atomic energy Agency at Churchill Hotel on March 6-7, 2012 with 28 participants from Federal Police, civil Aviation Authority, Ministry of Foreign Affair and Customs Authority.

During his opening speech Mr. Abulrezak Oumer, the Acting Director General of the Authority, after introducing the program, said ERPA to recognize the effectiveness and strategic importance of working with stake holders and collaborators in achieving the required public protection and safety.

Mr. Karol Skornic representative of IAEA explained that all member states need to be fully aware and ready for on radiation and nuclear accidents before and after it happened. He added it is essential to create awareness to stakeholders and the Authority on the national and international efforts on the activities of Nuclear Safety and Security. He further explained that organized and integrated Nuclear Security support plan will be implemented from 2013 to 2015.

Finally, the participants agreed on successful implementation of the plan capacity building and awareness creation, identifying and protecting radiation incidents and immediate actions and responses and the like while closing the meeting.

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ERPA organized a half day session on the 9th of February 2012 in which a number of stakeholders and other cognate personnel took part with a view to obtaining amble and viable information as to the Authority's handling of stakeholders, manner of customer satisfaction, effectiveness with respect to ways of notification and authorization procedures and the like. The session was filed with a sprit of amiability which paved the way for the Authority to be able to comprehend the scenario of vivid drawbacks occurred in the course of implementing its objectives. Some attendants vehemently pointed out that the Authority needs to work in an intensive manner for the upcoming days in order to ameliorate, and thereby to curb, the long-standing impediments.

The session was opened up by H.E Ato Desi Dalke, Minister of Science and Technology Ministry, who reiterated that the Authority at each and every stage of process is duty bond to pay homage to the views, comments and complaints as well as recommendations of its customers and stakeholders so as to withstand and sort of predicament listening the suggestion, complain and views of the customers, to enable them to actively take part in the process so as to create a conducive atmosphere to the Authority to offer better service for the public-at-large. He further emphasized that such all-round deliberation and discussion with customers, stake holders and concerned bodies should be held at least every three months in order to enable the Authority to be deemed as an efficient service rendering venue for the benefit and well-being of its customers and the general public.

On the other hand, Ato Abdulrazak Omer, currently the Acting Director of the Authority, has, in a nutshell, made it clear to the participants of the mission, vision and main activities of the Authority. He dwelt upon the fact that the Authority will make every possible endeavor to improve its service based on the inputs it derives from the attendants and also gave a pledge to rendering as best and efficient service as possible.

Finally, the ceremony of the taking up of pictures with the duly attendants was held accompanied by the distribution of questionnaires aimed at gathering adequate information.

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The staff members of the Authority convened on the 16th of January 2012 in the Authority's auditorium in order to exchange ideas and thereby to hold discussions on the basis of, and in line with, the activities carried out at various levels by the staff concerned within the past six months. The activity report was presented by W/rt Almaz Kebede, Director of Planning and Project Preparation, Monitoring and Evaluation Directorate, She dwelt upon the presentation of the report by making reference to such approaches as percentage indicators which was intended to give hinglight to the volume of work done by the staff in each and every core and supporting process and also to display the pros and cons of the work performed. She further explained that the Authority needs to assess the 6 month progress report to identify its strength, weakness and to achieve it s desired goals within the set annual plan. She had also reported the financial operation of the Authority.

During the discussion, the staff members raised questions regarding facility and conducive working atmosphere as well as conditions to which she, in conjunction with the duly Acting Director General Ato Abdulrezak Omer, was reacting by addressing that it is agreeable that such working bottlenecks ought to be assessed and admitted and get solved with the ambit of the jurisdiction of the Authority. The Acting Director General added to the point that evaluating the performance helps us to be effective and efficient enough in the coming months.

Finally, the director encouraged the workers to keep the strong sides and achieve better result in the next 6 months in the hope that the vision of the Authority might be successful.

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Latest News Latest News

Ethiopian Radiation Protection Authority and   Sudanese Nuclear and Radiological Regulatory  Authority has signed MOU to explore collaboration in a wide range of programs, projects and activities that are determined to be feasible and consistent with the guiding principles and organizational needs of the Parties.  In particular, the Parties mutually intend to cooperate in regulatory activities pertaining to the following areas: 
(i) Nuclear and radiological safety ; 
(ii) Transport safety
(iii) Radiation protection
(iv) Environmental impact of nuclear & radiological facilities and activities
(v Radioactive waste management and spent fuel management; 
(vi) Nuclear security
(vii) Emergency preparedness and response; 
(viii) Mining activities of radioactive materials 
(ix) Safeguards

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Workshop on Radiation Safety and Security conducted Workshop on Radiation Safety and Security conducted

A workshop organized by the National Nuclear Security Administration of U.S in cooperation with the Ethiopian Radiation Protection Authority was conducted at Hilton Hotel, Addis Ababa, from August 3 to 4, 2015. The workshop focused on the development of regulations that is a vital tool for the security of radioactive sources and nuclear facilities. Specific topics such as IAEA Code of conduct which basically provides guidance for developing policies laws and regulations to uphold the safety and security of radioactive sources, categorization of radioactive sources that helps maintain a high level of safety and security, IAEA Nuclear Security Series that serves as a guidance for establishing regulating requirements, regulatory development process that introduces a systematic process which helps make development of new security regulations more effective and efficient and principles that highlight effective regulation drafting were critically addressed in the workshop.

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