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Notification and Authorization Notification and Authorization

Services Undertaken by ERPA NA Directorate

1. Notification and Authorization Directorate (NAD)

Notification and Authorization Directorate (NAD) is one of the two core processes in Ethiopian Radiation Protection Authority (ERPA).Inventory of sources, Handle Notification, Authorization, awareness creation and Issue guidelines (Regulatory requirements) are the activities of Notification and Authorization Directorate. Notification and Authorization are two of the categories of the four regulatory control systems.

           1.1 System of Notification

No practice shall be adopted, introduced, conducted, discontinued or ceased and no source within practice shall, as applicable, be mined, milled, processed, designed, manufactured, constructed, assembled, acquired, imported, exported, distributed, sold, loaned, hired, received, sited, located, commissioned, possessed, used, operated, maintained, repaired, transferred, commissioned, disassembled, transported, stored or disposed of, except in accordance with the appropriate requirements of the Standards, unless the exposure from such practice or source is excluded from the Standards.

Any legal person intending to undertake any of these actions:

  1. Shall submit a notification to the Regulatory Authority of such an intention,


  2. And shall apply to the Regulatory Authority for an authorization
  3. May take the form of either registration or a License
  4. Notification is the requirement to submit a document to the Authority to notify the intention to carry out a practice.
  5. It is a basic mechanism that provides information to the Authority about a planned action

Notification alone is sufficient for those sources causing very small exposure under normal conditions having negligible likelihood and magnitude of potential exposure under abnormal conditions.

        1.2 System of Authorization

Authorization means a permission granted in a document by the Authority to a legal person who has submitted an application to possess, produce, process, manufacture, purchase, sell, import, export, handle, use, transform, transfer, trade, assign, transport, store or dispose of radioactive material, nuclear material, radioactive waste, prescribed substances or any apparatus emitting ionizing radiation and the authorization may take the form of a registration or a license. The forms of authorization could be Exemption, Permit, Registration, and License.

The authorizations Procedure are Notification, Submission of the completed Authorization form, Evaluation of application, Safety assessment by service providers and Granting/refusal of authorization.

Authorization is required in the case where exclusion, exemption or clearance does not apply or where notification is not sufficient.

Registrants and licensees before starting any practice shall determine:



  1. The characteristics and nature of their intended activity
  2. The potential hazard to the public and environment
  3. All the significant exposure pathways to the public (pre-operational study)
  4. Assess the dose to the critical groups
  5. Submit this information to the ERPA as an input to the Authorization process 


Application Guide Diagnostic for X-Ray Equipment and Facilities

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